Devlog #4

I suppose it has been a slow week with no major milestones ticked off. We snuck off midweek to see The Smile playing in Manchester (they were good!) which hacked a couple of days off of the schedule. I remember listening to OK Computer in the Rev office back when it first came out. Thom is also a 90's veteran, which is no bad thing!

Back to Wormhole and a couple of people have been playing it recently - including the ever diligent Martin Mulrooney. As well as spotting (and fixing) the many holes in my book's early draft a couple of years back, he also managed to break the game with relative ease. This time only I could fix the errors, of course. 

I'm always astonished at how many bugs remain in any given unit of gameplay when the programmer (me) is convinced the thing is perfect. So now I'm trembling in fear of how many other things are secretly in need of fixing before I open the demo up to a wider audience. Surely, none?!

Coincidently, I was chatting online to David Younger (of the excellent in-coming Foolish Mortals) who is also working his was through a long list of things to tweek. He is contemplating a future script-lock and voice recording date - a terrifying prospect if ever there were. Once recorded, there is no edit :)

Design wise, I've been mulling over the idea of adding an adventure style merging on inventory objects to the inventory system. I wasn't going to, but now I might change my mind. I guess it was always the origin of 'crafting' which seems to be in every game these days. I think collecting two or more things and finding you can use them to make a new thing is actually powerful and satisfying. Don't be surprised if this has been coded up by this time next week!

Anyway, closed demo is definitely only a week or two away now. Be sure to DM me if you want to be on that list :)

Bye for now!

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