My week in game dev #7

Okay, looking at last my daily done list, it seems I did very little last week.

But this is not true. It just looks that way on paper.

Basically, the whole Chloe bot following the player thing kinda unravelled. I was stabbing away at the existing code and trying to make it work but then I took a step back and realised the existing approach was part of the problem and the best thing would be to unwind what was there and start again.

Coders hate doing that. But sometimes you have to. The problem is the psychological barrier of going from something working to having nothing and feeling the anxiety of that void out before you.

This is a common game dev pitfall.

Anyway, I stripped out the lerp based movement code and rewrote it a different way that allowed for the continual adjustment of where the bot was heading without any change of speed. Amongst other things.

It's still not perfect, but it's a lot better and can be polished - as opposed to demolished - later.

I've also been adding hooks here, there and everywhere that allow player-to-bot chat as stuff happens - in this case as the player messes with the bot components in real time. For example, you can pull out the bot's jet propulsion as it's flying around. The bot falls to the floor, but is still alive (and unhappy!).

This personality stuff is a cornerstone of what I'm trying to do with this game.

Over in Kyiv, my genius friend, Ruslan, has got the game working on SteamDeck. It looks and plays really well. 

Here's the first ever screen shot of Wormhole Dungeon SteamDeck :) I'll put a video up soon...

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