Devlog #2

So, the two big things I thought I might do this week were Steam page and intro sequence. Well, I have done neither! But I have not been idle.

Stoo has been feeding across a lot of very cool graphics that I subsequently spent a lot of time playing with. So far I've only touched a fraction of it, so designing the next sections of gameplay will be quite a treat. In amongst the juicy stuff was a set of shadows that are designed to subtly enhance the look of any graphics that adjoin open wall areas - as in, almost everything. It turns out there are a great many potential wall/space combinations out there so I ended up spending a couple of days on this. This neatly encapsulates the whole thing with game dev - in so much as stuff comes along that you weren't expecting and takes up a bunch of time. But it was worth it, as the effect is really good.

There is also a bunch more cool visual stuff in the form of more new lighting functionality. So far I've used it to make laser beams project light around them. It's super nice and adds hugely to the atmosphere. Having done this, I can now see how I can get properly creative and make some really cool effects elsewhere. 

Pixel art + modern lighting is a killer combination.

I also lost a day sharpening up the system for crossing sections of gameplay. A big feature of this game is that of building your bot friend, Chloe (definitely not Joey!) out of bits and bobs lying around, so they can help you progress (and chat along the way). I found that the system for having Chloe (or others) follow you from one section to the next was basically missing. This needed thought, but is working now. However, in the middle of this I realised there is a flaw in my save and restore code, too. This I will sleep on over the weekend and then hopefully nail it first thing on Monday. Fingers crossed ;)

So, next week... definitely that intro sequence! Really, absolutely. Gotta be done.

What else? Great to see Uncle Charles's kickstarter doing well. Actually paying money to Revolution feels odd, but I really do want those rewards :)

And speaking of Kickstarter, This book about Graftgold, by Graeme Mason, is also worth checking out.

Ciao for now!

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