Devlog #3

Pleased to say that this week I've done what I was meant to do last week when I did other (easier) things instead.

A biggish task was a cobble together some sort of game intro that would, hopefully, give some sort of context to the gameplay that follows. I have no time or budget for any of this, and I've just used the game engine to depict a simple scene with some intro text. I reckon it works pretty well. 

There are modern day (so-called) aaa games with bigger cut sequence budgets that we had for all of Broken Sword, but this is games, not tv. I'm all for minimalism when times is hard ;)

A trickier task was the modification required for the save and restore system. I decided to sleep on it for a few days and then hopefully manifest the solution without having to actually think too much about it. And this is exactly what happened. Sat down on Monday and just did it. It was a bit dicey for a time, but after a couple of hours the new system was up and running once more. I highly recommend this technique for dealing with tricky issues :)

Okay, another problem I found was that sometimes the bad guys might all die in the same spot making it hard to choose each one in turn in order to steal their dead-ass gear. I thought about having some elaborate extension on the UI that let you select between two or more interactables but then I realised I just needed to recognise the situation and bring up all of the available inventories no matter which dead dude you interact with. Works a treat!

All in all, things are going well. I think my target of a March public demo is probably still on track 🤞

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